Shapeshifting is one of the most common powers amongst Yōkai and comes in different in two different levels of complexity ;

Basic Shapeshifting

Yōkai who possess this power are marked with the (Basic S.) sign.

They possess both their original shape (for example, a Ningyo looking like a half-man/woman and half-fish creature) as well as a Human shape (losing the fish features, though sometimes they may keep some small details, like gills or patches of scales).

Advances Shapeshifting

Yōkai who possess this power are marked with the (Adv. S.) sign.

Kitsune, Mujina and Tanuki are the most well known Yōkai who use this kind of Shapeshifting. Not only can they take their original shape (for example, the fox) as well as a humanoid shape (for exemple, a fox walking on their back feet or a Human with fox ears, tails, and other parts) but they may take different Human shapes as well. Usually they take the shape of old men and women or children, since they look weak and innocent, or, on the other hand, they will take the shape of beautiful young maiden or handsome young men, to seduce Humans.

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