Tsuchigumo appeared to people as having faces of an oni, a body of a tiger, arms and legs of a spider, and wore giant outfits According to some stories, a Jorōgumo is a spider that can change its appearance into that of a seductive woman - they are sometimes called "prostitute spiders" because of said appearance.


Both Tsuchigumo and Jorōgumo have a liking for eating Humans, though they will loyally keep their word if prompted to swear in exchange for their lives. While the first tends to use more of a direct approach and strenght to get what it wants, the second is all about trickery and treachery.


Tsuchigumo all lived in mountains, firmly captured travelers with strings so they could eat them. It is said that if you capture a Tsuchigumo, it will promise to save your life three times in exchange for it's own life. Many stories tell of a Jorōgumo taking the shape of a seductive woman so it could trick Humans and eat them. It is also known to cast powerful curses as well.


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